Monday, October 20, 2008

Every vote counts: Stop Obama!

Friends, the hour is late. In only two weeks the next U.S. president will be elected.

You know how liberals always have a big get-out-the-vote drive in communities? (Unfortunately, sometimes ranging as far as registering dead and imaginary voters and non-citizens, and perhaps even forcing disabled people to vote for a preselected candidate.)

Well, this time we need to have the conservatives get out the vote. (Using only live and legal voters, of course.) It's time to get out the vote against Obama. Let's save this country from four years of horrifying socialist liberal leadership! Do you have any conservative friends or relatives who sometimes stay home on election day? Do you know any middle-of-the-road or undecided people who could benefit from knowing the facts about Obama? Let's get them informed, get them out the door and into the voting booth on November 4th.

I'm asking conservative bloggers to help spread the word and make this a viral campaign, and I'm asking their readers to also spread the word via e-mail (you'll find a send-to-friend link at the bottom of this post), over the phone, and in person to their friends and family. Although you wouldn't know it from watching mainstream media, it's nevertheless a fact that conservatives and those with ideals of traditional values and limited government are plentiful, and with a big turnout we can stop Obama at the polls! It's worth the effort in these remaining days. In essence, I believe that we must choose between life and death for our nation.

(Besides, wouldn't it be great to send a message to the Obama-adoring media that they can't make all the decisions for us?)

Here's a graphic that you can use in spreading the word. It's free for non-commercial use, as long as you either link the image to this page, or else provide attribution to Curry Kenworthy or (Using the HTML "title" tag for attribution is fine.) Please don't hotlink; just right-click, Save As to your computer, and upload to post in your blog.

I've also started a Nobama Blog Carnival. (A carnival is a periodical publication linking to selected blog posts in each edition.) You can submit your blog posts about Obama to the carnival here.

For anyone out there who is still undecided, or who is leaning toward Obama, let's look at some of the issues at stake.

First, the issue of abortion. Obama wants to sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law. In fact, he said that would be the first thing he does as president. You can see him say it in the video embedded below. According to the Family Research Council and the ALCJ, this act would codify Roe versus Wade and remove current legal restrictions which help to limit abortion, such as parental notification, spousal consent, waiting periods, and the partial-birth abortion ban. Lifenews estimates a minimum of 125,000 more abortions per year as a result.

(That speech is very helpful to understand Obama's position on abortion, definitely worth watching, so I'll cover it again and post more video in another update.)

Also on the issue of life, Obama advertises on his website that he will support more embryonic stem cell research.

Obama will expand "hate crimes" legislation as part of his Civil Rights plan. Conservatives know that calling a crime a "hate crime" doesn't change much; the crime committed is still the same whatever the motivation. (Does a violent robber love you more than the violent "hate crime" guy?) If the act is indeed a crime, there are already penalties defined. We know that "hate crimes" legislation in other countries have led, instead, to criminalizing speech and non-criminal actions, generating police-state mentality where preachers get in trouble for quoting scripture and anyone taking a stance of conscience on certain moral issues risks persecution.

While we're busy trying to get our economy back on track, Obama plans to make us a world leader on climate change. When a commodity like gasoline is expensive, we know that increasing restrictions will only worsen the problem. (Obama plans to tap our Strategic Reserve to remedy that.) With prices for all sorts of products and services increasing, the last thing we need now is a new onslaught of regulations on businesses and industries. True, some big corporations profit from the "green" mandates as they sell new products, but we usually pay more.

Obama wants a world free of nuclear weapons, and he plans to make "deep" cuts. No doubt this will be comforting to liberals. He says we won't disarm unilaterally, though. I'm not comforted.

Obama plans to double foreign aid. Unlike the people who handle our money in Washington, you and I know that foreign aid often fails to live up to its promise. The problems of hunger and poverty have a political aspect that liberals have long overlooked. No matter how much of your money they funnel overseas into the programs they choose (leaving you less to donate to the humanitarian charities of your own choice) you will continue to see starving people until the root issues are addressed.

And so it goes with other issues. Obama plans to deliver on his mantra of change, taking us further and faster down the road of liberal policies. How much more of this kind of change can America take? We need real change, not more of the same old socialist change.

Just as the Democrats always chant it ad nauseum, this year we need to get conservatives to realize that "every vote counts" and that we must stop Obama.

For those who want more perfect candidates on the ballot, I understand exactly where you're coming from, because I'm coming from there too. But four years of Obama, especially with a Democrat-controlled Congress, will mean policies and changes that stick with you and your children, and their children, for a long time. First we must fight for the survival of our culture, our values, our nation, and that means putting the brakes on the aggressive liberal agenda by putting the better candidate in office.

We can do this. Get your clan together and don't stay home on election day. Get out there and beat Obama!

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